to Get Groceries

We know that more than half of car trips are 3 miles or less.

We know that many of the car trips are to the grocery store.

We want you to bicycle if you are able. You will feel healthier, you will meet your neighbors, see others and smile as you pedal along to get fresh food. People who bicycle to work tend to buy fresher food.

Become one of us.

Our Bike fair wants to stimulate you to ride on low volume traffic streets, see bicycles that can carry more than you might imagine.


Our first survey reported that 50% of 101 respondents bought 2  bags of groceries and that 25% bought 1 bag of groceries.


Come learn How to

shop by bicycle

  & get home before the

 ice cream melts.

See the July 15th event

Bike to Groceries. Click Here

See the September 23rd event

 Electric Bike to Groceries. Click Here